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The Fire of Borgo - Raphael. Gold medal in the Vatican and the Vatican Museums. Papal Medal.


The Fire in the Borgo (year 2009)

This gold medal of the Vatican was minted in 2009, is the eighteenth and last of the series. It is the third medal and closes the sixth trilogy devoted to "Le Stanze di Raffaello".
The room "The Fire in the Borgo" was commissioned and used by Pope Leo X, who entrusted the execution to Raphael. You notice an influence "Mannerist" in the painting which suggests a massive intervention of the disciples of the painter. The fresco represents the episode described in the "Liber Pontificalis" the miraculous intervention of Pope Leo IV, who succeeded in 1847 with the sign of the cross to tame a fire in the Borgo Santo Spirito. In the "straight" is represented the detail of the crowd on the run and is a clear allegory of the episode of the escape of Aeneas from Troy with his father Anchises on his shoulders and the little Ascanius at his side. The caption on the medal reads above: "Raffaello" and under "L’incendio di Borgo * part.".

In the "reverse" shows the figure of Pope Leo IV, who in the act of blessing the sign of the cross, put out the flames that flared up in Borgo Santo Spirito. Affirming once again the help of the Holy Spirit. The medal bears the inscription: "Papa Leone IV – Musei Vaticani - XVIII Anno - 2009".
Diameter: 35 mm.
Weight: 34 grams in 18 Karati.
Coinage: 1000 copies, each coin has its own ID number stamped on the board.
Packaging: purple leather case with golden emblem of the Vatican on the cover, wrapped in suede fabric.
Certified warranty on parchment, confirming the authenticity and the specific number that identifies the Vatican gold medal. Signed by the Cardinal Edmund Casimir Szoka.
Cost: EUR 1150 - change in other currencies,
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