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The Vocation of the Apostles - Ghirlandaio. Gold medal of the Vatican and the Vatican Museums. Papal Medal.


The Vocation of the Apostles (year 2006)

This gold medal of the Vatican was minted in 2006 and is the fifteenth in the series. It is the last medal of the fifth trilogy devoted to the life of the Apostles. The Sistine Chapel was commissioned by Pope Sixtus IV (1471 -1484) on the site of the oldest palatine chapel. The interior decoration is divided into three registers: the lower one depicts curtains, the central one develops the episodes in the life of Jesus to one side and Moses another, while in the upper register is painted the series of the early popes.
In the "straight" is reproduced a detail of the "Vocazione degli Apostoli" by the painter Domenico Ghirlandaio (1449 - 1494). Do you see the apostles Peter, Andrew, John and James together with Christ. The caption reads above: "Ghirlandaio" and under "La Vocazione degli Apostoli".

In the "reverse" is represented the front of the Basilica of San Giovanni in Laterano.was founded by Constantine between 312 and 318 ADwas originally dedicated to Christ the Savior, then under Gregory the Great (590 - 604) was also headed to St. John the Baptist and Evangelist. The medal bears the inscription: "Basilica di S. Giovanni – Musei Vaticani - XV Anno 2006".
Diameter: 35 mm.
Weight: 34 grams in 18 Karati.
Coinage: 1000 copies, each coin has its own ID number stamped on the board.
Packaging: purple leather case with golden emblem of the Vatican on the cover, wrapped in suede fabric.
Certified warranty on parchment, confirming the authenticity and the specific number that identifies the Vatican gold medal. Signed by the Cardinal Edmund Casimir Szoka.
Cost: EUR 1150 - change in other currencies,
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