Vatican gold medals. A valuable and rare collection of gold medals in the Vatican and Vatican Museums.

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The gold medals of Vatican - Personal Profile

“The beauty like the truth,
brings joy to the men's heart and is a precious fruit which resists the erosion of time,
which unites generations and make them communicate to the admiration”.
(John Paul II, Letter to Artists, 1999

I am pleased and fortunate to be a collector's son and grandson of a collector.
So a fate almost scored ...
I had the chance to appreciate the beauty combined profit, two requirements which goes very well in the path of those who love and can surround themselves with rare, such as
Vatican Gold Medals shown here.
Intuiting the value contained in them, well my father did in buying more than one complete set.
Now is the time to share this privilege with those who have the right sensibility to appreciate it, not neglecting he intrinsic value that will continue to have the medals in time.

I remain at your disposal for anything else.

Michele Am brosino
Rome - Italy -

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