Vatican gold medals. A valuable and rare collection of gold medals in the Vatican and Vatican Museums.

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The papal gold medals of Vatican and Vatican Museums.

The gold medals of the Vatican. These precious unknown!
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There are several ways in which the Creator communicates with his creatures, one of them among the most sublime is through art. He chooses men for centuries to entrust this mission hidden, giving them the power to create a bridge between the "heaven on earth." There are special places in the world where you collect and preserve the fruits of that ability and skill: the museums.

Among these, stands for excellence and preciousness of a magical place, rich in itself of immortal beauty, sublime witness to what human beings have been able to create over the centuries: the
Vatican Museums.

Here there is an endless and priceless collection of paintings, sculptures, tapestries, miniatures, jewelry, findings, which defy time witnessing the courage and the ability of the human race.

And even if you remove these masterpieces from a place that welcomes them, the structure itself would be a witness to art and magnificence.stage in the world capable of concentrating so many beauties in one place: the Sistine Chapel, the Raphael Rooms, the Courtyard Octagon, the Lapidary Gallery, the Tapestry Gallery, the Picture Gallery here .... the list is long!

One day Goethe was on a visit to the
Vatican Museums, pondering on Michelangelo, said: "Without having seen the Sistine Chapel is not possible to form an idea of what one man is able to achieve." This brief and incomplete introduction of the Vatican museums (of which I beg forgiveness) only to introduce the history of these gold medals in the Vatican, to set them in their natural frame.

In fact, the subject represented in each gold medal is always taken from the masterpieces exposed in the Vatican Museums. The inspiration bornes in this wonderful place! It was 1992, when the Vatican thorugh the museums coined the first gold medal in this series. The others have followed until 2009. There are 18 medals, with a limited edition, 1000 pieces for some, 2000 for others. Only a lucky few in the world can have the privilege of owning them and appreciate them!
The collection has the peculiarity that all three coinage formed a trilogy representing a theme. The first three medals are inspired by the frescoes of Michelangelo in the Sistine Chapel representing: "
The Creation of Adam" " The Original Sin" and " The Last Judgement." The second trilogy is inspired by the statues of classical antiquity, depicting " The Apollo Belvedere", " The Laocoon" and " The Augustus of Prima Porta." The full description of all the medals can be found on the page The Gold Medals of the Vatican.

It should be added that each medal is minted in gold Karati 18, it has a weight of 34 grams, it has a diameter of 40 mm and a serial number stamped on the edge. Moreover, according to the year they have a circulation of only 1000 or 2000 pieces! These features are reported in the certificate of guaranty issued by the Vatican and attached to every medal.

Here, I propose the purchase of some of those precious medals for those who want to combine the pleasure of collecting the occasion of a good deal.
A real opportunity to make an exclusive gift for yourself or for a special person able to appreciate it.

These medals have a further peculiarity that makes them, in financial terms, even more interesting. You must know that in the organization of the Vatican there is a department that cares of minting coins and medals and the creation and distribution of stamps is the Philatelic and Numismatic Office. All that this branch proposes and promotes is of "public domain" in the sense that the multitude of collectors and fans included in the database are promptly notified of any issue in order to provide for the purchase. Even when the circulation of coins and medals is not particularly limited, it is nearly sold out immediately, given the high level of demand in the world. Now, it happens that the medals in this series were not "intercepted" by the very thick group of collectors and enthusiasts, because they have not had the opportunity to be aware of them! And why they have not had this opportunity? Because the same medals were always minted by the Vatican, but through the famous Vatican Museums, and then out of the ordinary circuit. Moreover, the very limited number of copies coined, 1000 or 2000 depending on the year of minting and the intrinsic amount of gold contained in them (34 grams of gold Karati 18), are nominated for a good artistic financial investment.

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